Skarsnik's Night Goblin Horde

The Characters


Skarnik & Gobbla.
He got a big prodder. Not that he ever talks about it. Much.


Grumbleweed The Splendiferous
4th Level Shaman.
Warboss Um's best big boss hat. Dispel scroll. Horns of Urgock.

Goldfrapp Slackbladder
2nd Level Shaman
Dispels scroll.Power stone.

Gummidge Loosebowel
2nd Level Shaman
Dispels scroll. Nibblas itty ring.

Kenny The Flag
Big Boss Battle Standard Bearer
Bad Moon on a Stick ( never leaves Skarsnik's side )


Toejam Spacehopper
Big Boss & Giant cave Squig ( "Skippy").
Sword Of Might & Brimstone Bauble ( tick, tick, tick . . . )

The Core


30 Night Goblins. Spear & shield. Full command. Netters


25 Night Goblins. Spear & shield. Full command


25 Night Goblins. Hand weapon & shield. Full command. Netters


25 Night Goblins. Spear & shield. Full command


25 Night Goblins. Spear & shield. Full command


9 Fanatics, usually deployed with archers

The first unit of goblins shown are the old bigger multi part plastic models. If the army had an elite fighting unit drawn from the toughest, bravest goblins. these would be them. But they don't. So they aren't.


20 Night Goblin Archers. Full command. 3 Fanatics.


20 Night Goblin Archers. Full command. 3 Fanatics.


30 Night Goblin Archers. Full command. 3 Fanatics.

The Specials


Squig herd - 12 squigs & 8 herders.


6 Squig hoppers.


The Rares


The Blind Cobbler.



4 Stone Trolls




This "pure" Night Goblin army largely came about with the release of the Battle For Skull Pass box set. Looking at the contents, I was impressed with the number of gobbo's and started thinking that, with the units I already had, it wouldn't take long to put a viable Night Goblin army together.
Prior to 7th edition, my Orc & Goblin armies usually contained at least one unit of night Goblins. Partly to make up the numbers, but more importantly to bring with them the fanatics and a shaman carrying the obligatory Mad Cap mushrooms. They where always fun to use, and surprisingly the measly Night Goblins themselves had even won me some games ! Chances where, after releasing the fanatics, they where often overlooked and managed to survive until the end where they could perform some heroic last gasp effort. Like charging a unit of Dragon Ogres in the side, and seeing them off. Or charging Mannfred Von Carstein ( in the side again ) and watching him crumble to dust. So, I had developed a bit of a soft spot for the little chaps, so when I had the chance to field a whole army of them, I was well up for it.
As always when I start a "little" project, it tends to mushroom, so some months after I started, and after using a lot of Snot Green I ended up with 3,000 points of a fully legitimate army. I decided early on that I wanted only Night Goblins in this army. No chariots, no wolf riders, no war machines. Not that I have anything against combining all these together - it just didn't sit with the "fluff" in my head. The trolls and giant where my only concession to this - but otherwise, its squigs, squig hoppers, but most importantly, loads and loads of Night Goblins.
From the outset, I never thought it would be particularly competitive. Lets face it - they are, as a race, big girls pants. But I thought, if they ever did win, the satisfaction would be immense. And so far , with them, I've had 3 losses, 1 draw and 1 hard fought win.So, so far pretty pleased.
I must say, that in all my games, I've always used Skarsnik. I've made up lists using regular Generals, but I guess I'm just not that brave ( or stupid ) to go without all his abilities, and that crucial leadership of 8 !
And what is for the future ? Well, until recently, I was basking in the rare ownership of a finished, fully painted, completed and finished fully painted completed 3,000 point finished army. There was nothing else to be done. Because it was finished. Oh, the joy ! But then Dax gifted me with some more Battle Of Skull Pass goblins, and then I started thinking that it would be good to get some more squig hoppers and another squig herd as then they may then survive the shooting phase and actually get into combat . . . I guess an army is never really finished, is it ?