Ogre Kingdoms vs Vampire Counts 2250pts

OK vs VC, 2250pts

A clash between the fat ladz and the new Vampire Counts. This battle is played using my newly constructed Objective cards. Oh, and being the first report of the site, the photographic 'style' leaves a lot to be desired...

Ogre Kingdoms vs Vampire Counts 2000pts

OK vs VC Grudge Match 2000pts, objectives

Rematch, between the ogres and the vamps. Again, they meet using Objectives, and this time Mick is out for blood.

Ogre Kingdoms vs High Elves 2000pts

OK vs HE 2000pts, objectives

Again, the ogres march forth, but this time they come face to face with a High Elven force comprised of infantry and bolt throwers...

Beastmen & Skaven vs Vampires 2250pts

Beastmen & Skaven Vs Vapires 2250pts, Objectives

TO BE ADDED!!!!! The Beastmen and Skaven join forces in an attempt to halt the inexorable forces of the night...the Vampire Counts.

Skarsnik Night Goblins vs High Elves 2000pt

Skarsnik's Night Goblins vs High Elves 2000pts

In a scenario where two ancient Deities fall to the Olde World, two forces are drawn to a field of battle and become pawns to their will.

Orcs & Goblins vs Dwarfs 2250pts


The second game in our mini campaign, and an elite force of greenskins has been dispatched by Skarsnik to stop the Dwarfs giving support to the beleagured High Elves.

Skarsnik vs High Elves & Dwarfs 3000pts


The final battle in the mini-campaign! The High Elves and Dwarfs meet Skarsnik's Night Goblin horde in a huge final battle outside the town of Scorcio. Which Deity's army will win the day...

Beastmen vs Wood Elves 2250pts


Beastmen discover a temple of Chaos long since lost....but don't realise the Wood Elves have been guarding it from intrusion for a milennia...

Vampire Counts vs Wood Elves 2250pts


The Vampire Counts have ravaged an area of the Great Forest, and are about to burn it's inhabitants in two 'Wicker Men'. Can the Wood Elves stop them...